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Computer-Aided Design (CAD)

Learn CAD for 3D Printing

Technology Class

CAD Lessons

Without a 3D model, a 3D printer won’t have the instructions it needs to build a prototype or product. CAD is the process of designing an object using computer software, and is often used to build such 3D models.

Youth 3D Founder & CEO, Jake Tan, crafted a 9-week curriculum to teach CAD. His blog post documents the journey of learning through teaching CAD to his high school robotics team. These CAD lesson slides are now available for free through Youth 3D.

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Thingiverse Posts

Considering the vital role CAD plays in 3D printing processes, CAD file sharing is both popular and highly beneficial within our maker community.


Youth 3D Founder & CEO, Jake Tan, has actively embraced this practice by posting the 3D model files of his design, Modular Desk Caddy, on Thingiverse. This allows others to download the files then print the design. He has also shared the story behind the Thingiverse posts on his personal blog.

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