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Printing Process

Our Mission

3D printing has revolutionized how things are made and has evolved quickly.  This cutting-edge technology is innovating today's world in fields such as healthcare, transportation, construction, and space exploration.  It will continue to bring endless possibilities to future society, and affect everyday life.  As 3D printing is transforming our world, we will need to master it and ensure that its vast potential is used for good.


We at Youth 3D aim to make this revolutionary technology more accessible to today's youth, who will be prepared for a 3D printed future world.

Jake Tan

Founder of Youth 3D

Our Programs

Face-to-Face Workshops

Working with local schools, libraries, park districts, science fairs, and other youth institutions and organizations, Youth 3D brings first-hand 3D printing experience to children.  Meet and learn STEM concepts, share the applications.  

Shared Resources

Youth 3D develops and shares multimedia materials to stimulate youth interest in the field, and make learning about 3D printing available and less daunting for all students. 

Experienced members are encouraged to teach and mentor others just starting in 3D printing.  Peers learn and explore together through community forum and printing projects.

Peer Collaborations

Meet The Team
Jake_Nafplion (2).jpg

Founder & CEO

Junior at Wissahickon High School (WHS) interested in 3D printing and data science.  At WHS, he plays trombone for the Marching Unit, is a part of the robotics team (FRC) and plays lacrosse.


Bridget Hoban

Chief Media Officer

Senior at Unionville High School (UHS) interested in a variety of subjects! She does dance and gymnastics, plays the piano and violin, and enjoys reading in her free time.

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