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Printing Robot Model

Upcoming Event

Youth 3D Printing Workshop

November 7, 2-3pm

Phoenixville Public Library

183 Second Ave, Phoenixville, PA 19460

Quotes - Youth3D Workshop


"We were so happy to have you again!! Thanks for a wonderful program for our library community!"

Librarian of Downingtown Library

Youth 3D at SG Science Night

So much fun to see and talk to so many people!

3D Printing Fiber



Technology Class



Printing Process



What We Do

We are a community of students passionate about changing the world through 3D printing.



Use our programs and resource lists to learn STEM concepts, and guide you through 3D printing journey.



Form connections with other young makers interested in 3D printing, build and expand the community.



Work with your peers to build meaningful projects with real-world impact.

Our Mission

3D printing has revolutionized how things are made and has evolved quickly.  This cutting-edge technology is innovating today's world in fields such as healthcare, transportation, construction, and space exploration.  It will continue to bring endless possibilities to future society, and affect everyday life.  As 3D printing is transforming our world, we will need to master it and ensure that its vast potential is used for good.

We at Youth 3D aim to make this revolutionary technology more accessible to today's youth, who will be prepared for a 3D printed future world.

3D Printed Models

If you are 13 years or older, feel free to 

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